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Paws To Claws Veterinary Care Paws To Claws Veterinary Care

Paws To Claws Veterinary Care Paws To Claws Veterinary Care

Phone: (281) 356‑2384
Address: 38015 Spur 149 Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354

Dental Visits for Cats, Dogs, and Exotics

A dog having its teeth brushed

Proper oral hygiene is important for all pets, from cats and dogs to small mammals and reptiles. Our doctors make dentistry-related recommendations during preventive care visits. We do require a physical examination before any procedure.

Anesthesia Safety

Our pet dental cleanings are performed under general anesthesia to allow us to clean the teeth thoroughly, examine beneath the gum lines, and take digital dental x-rays. We also perform extractions when necessary. We take the same safety precautions that we follow for our surgery patients. We perform the same pre-anesthesia diagnostics, and a Licensed Veterinary Technician monitors your pet's vital signs at all times.

Comprehensive Cleanings

Your Paws to Claws Veterinary Care doctor will perform a thorough cleaning and polish your pet's teeth. All cats and dogs get digital dental x-rays as part of their comprehensive dental visit and are not optional. The x-rays enable us to check for damaged teeth or other issues that could cause pain or infections. All extractions are based on radiographs, and once we make an extraction, we take an x-ray to confirm that we removed everything that needed to be removed.

Your pet's x-rays are also important records to have if there’s a problem in the future or if we need to refer you to a specialist.

Specialist Referrals

Beyond cleanings, we provide general dentistry procedures, such as mass removals and extractions. If your pet requires a more complex procedure, such as endodontic treatments or a root canal, we will refer you to a nearby veterinary dentist.

If you suspect that your pet is having dental problems between visits, please call us to schedule an appointment.